Torsdag 16. august
Forte! 17:20
Trust us: If it isn’t already, DJ Clea is a name you will become very familiar within the coming years.

Since she became aware of her desire to get behind the decks while too young to be in the clubs that used them, she has steadily carved out a niche for herself within Stockholm’s electronic music community and beyond. Her rise is such that she is now associated with both of the immensely well-respected musical institutions of the Red Bull Music Academy and the Gilles Peterson-affiliated Brownswood Recordings. 

Known in some circles as the ‘queen of good vibes’, DJ Clea’s versatility means she has proved time and again she is at home both in the deepest, darkest clubbing environments, and the sun-dappled environments of a splendid Festival. 

Her debut EP will be announced this Summer along with a string of releases throughout 2018.


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