As a volunteer at Pstereo you will be part of a unique experience!
As a volunteer at Pstereo you will be part of a unique experience!

Registration for next year's festival opens spring 2019!

About 600 volunteers made Pstereo 2017 a success. The festival welcomed almost 35.000 visitors, where both volunteers and and festival participants shared unforgettable experiences.

As a volunteer at Pstereo you will be part of a unique experience, get the chance to be one of those who work in the background and contribute to making Pstereo 2018 the best festival ever! No previous knowledge is required to join the team – just bring your smile and a “lets do this” attitude! We are looking forward to creating this festival with you! 

How much do I need to work?
The main rule is that you have to work three shifts before the festival and two during the festival to get a festival pass. Some of the jobs have a need for other shifts, but in total everyone should work equal amount of time. Many volunteers want to work/have special days off, please notify us of this in your application! We will as long as it’s practical accommodate these wishes.

What do I get?
You get free entry to the festival the days you don’t work, a great festival t-shirt and food and drink during the days you work. But most importantly you will get the opportunity to get to know many new people and share a unique festival experience, not to mention an exceptional party for the volunteers after the festival!

About the process

  • E-mail that tells you if you are approved as a volunteer and in which category will come consecutively. 
  • June 1st – E-mail about which shifts you will be working.
  • Between June 1st and August 1st you will receive info from your group-leader.
  • If you register after these dates, you will receive info as we go.

We expect you to show up sober, in time for your shift and ready to work!
If you hav any questions, contact frivillig@pstereo.no

Volunteer positions

Rigging (Opprigg før festival)
Rigging is pretty much setting up everything on the festival grounds from stages to tents, to eating areas, to lighting. Volunteers should have a bit of practical ability and a desire to work. Considering that you may have to lift heavy things in rain or shine, smiles are an encouraged bonus. Rigging of the grounds runs through August 12th – 17th. 

Dismounting the grounds (Nedrigg etter festival)
After the festival ends, everything needs to be taken down again! This position includes deconstructing stages, tents, etc. and packing up and restoring the grounds to standards. Dismounting takes place on the Sunday and Monday following the festival. When working whit dismounting you also have to work one day shift either before, during or after the festival. 

Host (Vertskap)
As a host you’re the face that the public meets, and therefore you are an important representative for the festival. It’s important that you meet the festival participants with a smile, you are a part of creating a safe and nice atmosphere. Hosts may be involved in keeping guard by the riverside so that no-one gets wet feet, standing guard by the entrances or other areas of the festival site.

Getting people and things from A to B is crucial. As a driver you are required to have your driver’s license (B for normal vehicles). Additionally, you should be comfortable driving in town and on the highway and possibly with various makes and models of cars. If you do have other license categories, please remember to mention this on the registration form.

This position requires you to sell, serve and pour beer, wine and pop during the festival nights. Due to the high tempo of this position Pstereo seeks volunteers who can work at a fast pace with a big smile on their face.

Our wine-bar serves fine wine in glasses made of glass. Your job is to wash glasses and help serving the guests at the bar with the nicest view!

Runner (Område runner)
A runner is a problem-solver that fixes things when they pop up, as required by the site manager. This position requires everything from carpentry, making drop-offs, tinkering around and so forth. It is an advantage if you are handy and are not afraid of a challenge.

Stagehands help with changing equipment and stage gear in between sets. Experience with stage/sound and music equipment is a priority.

Accreditation (Akkreditering)
As an accreditation volunteer you welcome our volunteers and hand out wristbands, t-shirts, information and good vibes. You also check in guests and press. Experience with our accreditation system, Arkon, is a big advantage, but not necessary.

Storage (Lager)
Responsible for handing out equipment from our storage-container. Suitable for those who can tell the difference between a hammer and a screwdriver.

Bicycle-hotel (Psykkelhotell)
A secure parking for our environmental-friendly guests who ride their bikes to the festival.

Are there categories or positions that you didn’t see listed here? Choose the category ’other’ on the registration form and include your recommendation. Alternatively, write the position you may have done in previous festival years.

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