Organizers responsibility and rights: 

For the work that you do, organizer is obligated to giving you a festivalpass for the work you do. 

  • Organizer is obligated to notify you about when and where for you to show up for your shifts.
  • Organizer is obligated to give you the necessary information about the work that you are doing. 
  • Organizer is obligated to give you the information about who the contact person for the area that you will be working with are. 
  • Organizer is obligated to facilitate for a good working-environment, as well as food and drink for you the days that you volunteer at Pstereo, in addition to a volunteer-t-shirt. 

Volunteers responsebilities and rights: 

As a volunteer, you are obligated to work the agreed upon hours to receive day-tickets to the festival. 

  • As a volunteer, you are obligated to be punctual for your work-shifts. If you cannot make it or are late give notice to Head of Volunteers or the contact-person for the area where you are working. 
  • As a volunteer the organizer expect you to contribute to great working-environment. 
  • We expect you to not be affected by any substances while working.
  • As a volunteer, you cannot give statements to the press on behalf of the festival. 
  • Your volunteer-tshirt is for you to wear when you are at work. You can use the t-shirt whenever you want both before and after, but only while on work during the festival. 
  • If you pick up your festival pass but don´t work the agreed upon hours or there are other breaches of contract and you can not show a doctor's certificate, you will be billed the sum of a festival pass plus a nominal amount of 650, - for additional charges.
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